Top 4 Best Pets for Children and the Benefits

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4 min readAug 31, 2021

Best pets for children is something that must be known by parents who have children. Because if parents do not pay attention in choosing the best pets for children, it will be dangerous for the child.

Pets can be a child’s best friend while at home.

This is often used as an excuse for parents to adopt or raise certain animals.

However, of course father and mother must also pay attention to the safety of the Little One in choosing a pet.

There are several types of best pets for children. Anything?

Cats and dogs are the most popular types of pets, including if there are children in the house.

However, are these two types of animals safe enough to be kept at home? Besides cats and dogs, what are the best pets for children?

Here is the information for all of you.

Best Pets for Children

Having a pet in fact can not only be used as a friend at home, but can also be useful for the development of your little one.

Pets can help children learn to coexist with other living things, learn to be responsible, and make children happier and less stressed.

There are several types of best pets for children, including:

1. Cats for Kids

One type of animal that is suitable to be used as a child’s friend is a cat.

It’s no longer a secret, cats have cute, adorable, and smart behavior.

Not only that, cats also tend to be safe for children.

Moms and dads can choose a more tame breed of cat to keep as a pet, so the risk of the cat harming the child is smaller.

2. Birds as Best Pets for Children

Some types of birds have a high level of intelligence, so they can be fun friends and make the house atmosphere more crowded.

Well, it can help liven up the atmosphere and make the kids happier too.

3. Dogs as Best Pets for Children

In addition to cats, other types of animals that are also often kept as pets are dogs.

Not much different from cats, there are several types of dogs to choose from and are suitable to be friends for children at home.

Before choosing a dog to pet, be sure to check the breed, health condition, and comfort of your little one when they have to be around dogs.

Choosing a dog as a pet may be a good idea, because this type of animal can be a playmate or exercise for children because dogs are basically active.

4. Fish as Best Pets for Children

Don’t have enough room at home to keep a cat or dog? You can choose fish.

Of course, this type of animal also tends to be safe to keep at home and does not harm children.

Seeing beautiful fish swimming in the aquarium can make your little one more excited and don’t forget to give the task of feeding the fish according to a schedule.

In addition to choosing the type of animal, parents must also know the right time to let their child have a pet.

Do not force and make animals tormented. Because basically, some types of animals have an aggressive nature, so when a child is not ready or does the wrong thing, the animal can attack and even harm your child.

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Benefits Best Pets for Children

Caring for pets can be a fun experience for children.

The results of the study even show that pets are also used by the medical community as therapy for children with autism to be more open socially.

In general, experts believe that the majority of children can also benefit from the best pets for children, as follows:

1. Physical Benefits

Having a pet makes children’s motor skills more honed because they spend more time doing physical activities than watching television or playing with devices.

A study in the UK states that children who have pets spend 11 minutes longer with physical activity.

This number may not seem significant, but it can be a small ‘therapy’ for parents whose children are addicted to gadgets.

2. Social Benefits

The saying ‘dogs are man’s true friends’ may be true.

In fact, not only dogs, pets can indeed be good friends for their owners, plus become a bridge for children to make new friends.

“Pet ownership has been shown to be an important factor in facilitating social interaction and building friendships in the environment,” said senior researcher from the University of Western Australia, Dr. Lisa Wood, who is also described in her study published by Harvard Health Publications.

3. Emotional Benefits

Based on a report published by the Pet Health Council in the United States, children who have pets are more confident than children who do not have pets.

This is because the child is able to chat with the pet, while the animal will not mock every word the child says even if it is wrong.

In addition, children who have pets are more likely to show empathy.

This is because they are used to taking care of living things even though they are often assisted by their parents.

4. Cognitive Benefits

Caring for animals with love can also make children smart. According to a 2011 study, children who frequently communicate with their pets are more courageous in class. He may also be interested in natural science lessons.

Best pets for children have many benefits. Begin to maintain best pets for children, so that children become active.

Don’t forget to take care of the best pets for children to avoid various kinds of diseases or dirt that sticks to the pets.

Perform routine maintenance on the best pets for children so that all are healthy and your children are happy to play with them.