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Siamese Fireback -This type of Siamese Fireback Pheasant has a length of about 80 cm. For the most prominent male Siamese Fireback, the feathers are very long with a purple-black color that reaches up to 9 cm.

The chest, neck and upper back are mostly gray with very fine vermiculation, and the belly and head are black with a head decorated with a broad red facial skin, red legs, reddish-brown irises and a long curved blackish tail. While the female Siamese Fireback pheasant has brown fur with blackish wings to tail feathers.

The origin of this beautiful Siamese Fireback is an ornamental chicken from Thailand, but its Range is in northern Indo-China to Vietnam to eastern Thailand. This species is also used as the national bird mascot of Thailand. Its habitat is in dense forests, bamboo and cypress from sea level to 2,000 feet.

Siamese Fireback Pheasant

This type of Siamese Fireback has a unique character. He can fly, although not like birds in general. Many people admire the beauty and beauty of the fur color of this Siamese Fireback. Everyone who looked at this type of Pheasant Bird must have been amazed.

The Siamese Fireback is suitable to be kept in the yard as an animal sight that spoils the eyes. No wonder this type of siamese fireback has a fairly expensive price among ornamental birds. Many cultivators have succeeded in cultivating this type of pheasant.

How to Maintain a Siamese Fireback

How to maintain the Siamese Fireback like ordinary poultry is not too difficult. For this reason, the Siamese Fireback pheasant is still a lucrative opportunity in the ornamental bird business. No wonder until now there are still many imported from various countries in the world.

We must pay attention to the intake of feed / food for this Siamese Fireback pheasant ornamental bird. The feed for ornamental birds Siamese Fireback pheasant is relatively the same as bird feed in general, can be in the form of voer or BR, with additional feed such as crickets as extrafooding. With the addition of feed such as green vegetables and fruits that are cut into small pieces.

We also have to pay attention to the nutritional content, so that the Siamese Fireback pheasant is guaranteed health. May add manufacturer’s Vitamins to increase vitamin intake. Although it is even better if all vitamins and nutrients are obtained from daily food.

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How to Breed Siamese Fireback Pheasants

To be able to raise the Siamese Fireback pheasant, we need to understand how this ornamental bird behaves well. On average, the Siamese Fireback pheasant only lays eggs once a year, not to mention the sexual maturity of the Siamese Fireback pheasant is longer than ordinary birds, even some types of pheasants reach sexual maturity at the age of 3–4 years. This will certainly affect the process of raising Siamese Fireback Pheasants and their breeders. Therefore, the love and hobby factors are very important if you want to be serious in this type of pheasant bird cultivation business.

Siamese Fireback Pheasant Cage

Siamese Fireback Pheasant ornamental bird cages should be large enough because their habitat comes from dense forests, they are used to living under thickets of trees, so they should be protected from direct sunlight.

Because their posture is relatively large and quite aggressive, they should also provide twigs or tree trunks for ornamental Siamese Fireback Pheasants to perch and avoid stressing these birds.

The size of the cage itself is 2 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 2.5 meters high. This applies to one pair of Siamese Fireback Pheasants. Then for the base given a little sand to help digest food in this pheasant bird’s cache. A lot of people don’t understand the importance of giving sand to this Siamese Fireback cage, even though the benefits are many and enormous.


The male and female Siamese Fireback pheasants have contrasting colors, making it very easy to tell them apart. Give the best care so that this type of pheasant bird continues to have a charming color and can breed as it should.

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