Healthy Cat Mouth | 4 Causes of Smelly Cat’s Mouth

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5 min readAug 23, 2021

Healthy cat mouth needs serious attention. Of course, it’s not fun if the cat we keep experiences bad breath caused by not maintaining healthy cat mouth. For this reason, it is very important to maintain a healthy cat mouth so that our beloved cat does not experience bad breath.

It takes patience to keep a healthy cat mouth awake.

Pay attention to the food given to what kind of care for your cat’s oral health.

Everyone wants a cat that is adorable and in good physical condition. However, if you experience bad breath, it will be a little disturbing.

Diligently check healthy cat mouth at the nearest vet or follow directions from a veterinarian to do healthy cat mouth care yourself at home.

Healthy Cat Mouth, Causes of Smelly Cat’s Mouth

The following are some of the things that can cause bad breath in cats that I have summarized from various sources.

Hopefully it can provide an answer for you in dealing with bad breath in your favorite cat.

1. Mouth Infection

Infection can be caused by bacteria attached to the cat’s mouth, or it can also be caused by a virus that can cause bad breath in your beloved cat.

Pay attention to the food given. Or use toothpaste for cats recommended by a veterinarian so that bacteria or viruses do not stick to the cat’s mouth.

2. Inflammation of the Mouth

Inflammation is generally accompanied by infection, because in inflammatory conditions it is very susceptible to exposure to disease agents.

Inflammation of the mouth on the teeth can be chronic, one of which is periodontitis (inflammation around the mouth) which is usually preceded by a buildup of plaque that causes the development of bacteria.

Then make damage to the gums, eventually the gum area bleeds and begins to make the teeth loose because the integrity of the teeth and gums has been damaged.

3. Foreign Body Trauma

Foreign body trauma such as a bone injury involving the mouth area, wood, or other objects that injure the gums and teeth. This object if left unchecked can cause inflammation and infection of the gums.

Pay attention to the cat’s mouth when eating, if the pain can be caused by foreign objects that are attached to the cat’s teeth.

4. Kidney Disorders

Kidney disorders in cats last a short time, the course of the disease is long enough that it is called a chronic disease.

Cats who experience this organ disorder will cause the release of ammonia (urea) to be disrupted so that it can enter the blood vessels again and cause bad breath in cats.

Ammonia left in the body is very dangerous because it poisons the body and causes death.

Immediately consult the nearest veterinarian to get treatment if your cat has kidney problems.

Healthy Cat Mouth and How to Prevent it From Smelling

From an early age, it is necessary to pay close attention to dental hygiene, if the kitten has started eating, it is better to get used to cleaning his teeth.

The simplest way is to use a towel and warm water to rub on the cat’s teeth.

In addition, it is also necessary to give food in the form of meat, or chicken, to train teeth to tear food. So the dirt will be lifted.

If you already have tartar that is thick enough and causes mouth problems, you should do scaling or cleaning tartar.

The costs incurred are quite expensive, this is because the technique is quite difficult and is carried out under general anesthesia. So it is also necessary to pay attention to his health condition before doing dental scaling.

The condition of the cat’s mouth needs special attention from the owner and immediately consults his condition to the veterinarian.

It is also important to clean teeth from an early age accompanied by the provision of foods that can help clean teeth.

A good cat’s mouth condition can improve the quality of life and health.

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Things to Watch Out For When a Cat Has Bad Breath

Here’s what you should pay attention to when your cat has bad breath and doesn’t have a good healthy cat mouth.

1. Pay Attention to the Color of the Cat’s Gums

Normally, healthy gums will be pink in color, but cats with bad breath may notice a reddish tint to their gums.

This reddish color indicates inflammation of the gums, in mild cases the redness occurs around the teeth only.

However, severe inflammatory conditions can cause redness of the entire gums and the inside of the oral cavity.

Of course it is quite painful for your beloved cat.

2. Blood Out of Cat’s Mouth

Oral cavity disorders can be caused by viral, bacterial infections, gingivitis, inflammation around the teeth, and trauma from sharp objects that cause wounds. This condition causes the blood vessels to break easily, causing bleeding.

3. A Lot of Saliva Coming Out of the Cat’s Mouth

Bad breath is accompanied by excessive salivation, especially if the cause of the bad breath is infection, inflammation, and sores in the mouth. This indicates that the cat does not have a healthy cat mouth. Normally a cat will not salivate excessively.

4. Lots of Dirt on Cat’s Teeth

Bad breath in cats can also be initiated by the amount of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

At a young age it looks like the teeth will be fine, usually only a change in color to yellow.

But with age, without being balanced with the right type of food and dental cleaning actions, usually will start to accumulate dirt on the teeth.

Dry food and wet food can be one of the factors that cause tooth decay to build up.

Because today’s cats very rarely eat natural foods such as meat, chicken, and hunt animals to make the feces lifted with the movement of tearing the meat.

Usually this plaque will look very thick and even cause the teeth to shake because of the presence of bacteria that disrupts the integrity of the teeth and gums.

5. Decreased Appetite

Cats who have problems with the oral cavity will find it difficult to eat, especially if the feed given is dry because the texture is hard.

Usually the owner will see the cat has no appetite and avoid the dry food. However, if given wet food that is softer in texture it will be easier to eat.

6. Difficulty Opening or Closing Mouth

Cats who experience pain or swelling in the mouth area will tend to close their mouths. However, if it is painful and there is a large swelling, the mouth can also continue to open and hurt when closed.

7. Watch for Other Symptoms

The condition of bad breath caused by infection will show other symptoms besides a decrease in appetite. Among them are cats tend to be silent, weak, inactive, and even have a fever.

Healthy cat mouth should get serious attention so that the cat looks elegant and adorable.

In addition, the cat becomes comfortable to hold and of course can be a good friend in your home.