Black And White Pigeon | What is The Best Treatment Like?

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Black And White Pigeon

Black And White Pigeon. As we know the black and white pigeon is a dove that has black and white feathers. But for those of you who are pigeon hobbyists, the black and white pigeon color is the color that has the most demand. It is believed that black and white pigeons have good racing instincts.

Pigeon color is formed naturally by the pigment in their feathers. It is said that the current dove is the result of a long cross between a rock dove that is only colored Megan.

Then the result of inbreeding causes the emergence of other colors, such as black and white pigeon pigeons, tritis pigeons, megan pigeons, gray pigeons and so on.

Black And White Pigeon

Many say that the black and white pigeon is a very good pigeon in the race. Because this type of pigeon is very sensitive to its partner even though the black and white pigeons have flown far.

But there are various factors that can affect the black and white pigeon can win the race. One of them is care. With good care, the black and white pigeon will win the competition.

Many think the black and white pigeon will not be able to win in the pigeon racing competition. But all that is not true if the black and white pigeon is trained and gets serious attention from the pigeon owner.

Black and white pigeon will get a lot of benefits if it manages to win various competitions. Whether it’s a regional level competition or a national level competition. All that can be achieved with the hard work of the owner of the pigeon.

Black and white pigeons include loving and loyal birds to their partners. Therefore, take care of pigeons in earnest.

Black And White Pigeon Treatments

Caring for black and white pigeons, everyone is different, that’s good. Here’s one way to care for high-achieving pigeons that we quote from various sources.

1. Watch the Feed

The first step on how to take care of under pigeons is related to feed. For feed, farmers provide feed in the form of corn, brown rice and green beans.

If drunk, usually given drinking water mixed with antiseptic neo, this aims to prevent disease and fleas on pigeon feathers.

In addition to the food and drinks above, vaccine injections are also given every 3 months.

2. Pigeon Drying

Pigeons should also be dried every morning in direct sunlight so that birds are not susceptible to disease and strengthen their bones.

Strong bones are needed by high pigeons considering the distance apart during the race is very far.

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3. Pigeon Training

Exercise is one of the conditions for Pigeons to appear or not. Raising and training pigeons requires patience. Bird training should start from chicks until they want to enter the competition.

4. Trial With Other Pigeons

Besides being trained individually, Pigeons are also diligent in conducting tests with neighboring pigeons or fellow hobbyists. As competition day approaches, Pigeons are also being tested more often.

After testing with neighboring birds, Pigeon also sharpened his sharpness by frequently participating in competitions.

5. Choosing a Pigeon Type

Pigeon breeds should also be considered. A person in choosing the type of pigeon will not appear even though he has been trained with all his might.

The pigeons used by the contestants are not ordinary pigeons, but selected pigeons that have high flying agility so that the bird has talent and is trained and is also very tame.

6. Cleaning the Pigeon Cage

The cleanliness of the Kolong Dove cage is very necessary. If the cage is clean, the under pigeons will be healthier, and of course to win the championship is increasingly becoming a reality.

Conclusion From Black And White Pigeon

Black and white pigeons must get very good care if they want to be champions in their class. Like humans, black and white pigeons also need a clean place to live to avoid various diseases.

That’s all the discussion about black and white pigeon, hopefully it can inspire you all. Please share all the posts on this website to all the social media accounts that you have, so that more people will benefit from this article. Thank you very much and have a nice day.



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