5 Cat Dog Pet Important Things to Do in Maintaining

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4 min readAug 21, 2021

Cat dog pet is a fun thing. Especially if the cat dog pet that you have is very adorable, it will definitely help relieve stress, right?

However, in maintaining a good and correct cat dog pet, you must know the knowledge.

For that I will review how to maintain the right cat dog pet and what do you need to do?

As a correct start in maintaining a cat dog pet, you must know the character of the cat dog pet.

The character here really needs to be considered because it will affect what kind of treatment is needed.

If your cat dog pet is the obedient type, then its maintenance will be a little easier than the non-obedient one.

Pay attention to the steps that need to be considered in caring for the cat dog pet below.

Cat Dog Pet Important Things to Do in Maintaining

In maintaining a good and correct cat dog pet, then you must know the knowledge. Because with knowledge, everything will be easy.

Just like humans, cat dog pets also need care and attention in everyday life.

Don’t let your pet dog cat become unhealthy and not adorable !! because it will make him feel sorry for him.

For that, let’s look at caring for a good and correct pet dog cat that I managed to quote from various relevant sources.

Here’s the information for you.

1. Daily Care and Grooming

This can increase the interaction between you and your dog or cat.

Every day you pay attention by doing daily care such as stroking her hair, combing her hair (brush), then taking an afternoon walk or playing every day.

Grooming is important at least once every 2 weeks.

Grooming can be done at home or using a grooming service.

This daily grooming and grooming will make it easier for you to know the changes that occur in your pet.

This activity can increase your awareness of changes that occur, for example one day there is a change in urination patterns, bowel patterns, appetite, and other behaviors.

2. Prevention of Disease

Prevention of disease is our obligation as owners so that we can provide health insurance for pets.

Efforts to prevent disease can be done by vaccination and parasite prevention. Vaccinations are carried out by a veterinarian according to the age of your cat and dog.

Prevention of parasites is done to prevent cats or dogs from ectoparasites (ticks, fleas, fleas), and endoparasites (protozoa and worms).

This will also have a positive effect on you as the owner, because when your animal is healthy you will always live a healthier life.

The implementation of sterilization (castration and ovariohisterectomy) is also an important step to prevent diseases that may arise in the future, especially those related to the reproductive system.

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3. Maintain Personal Hygiene and Cat Dog Pet

Maintaining cleanliness is important to reduce the risk of disease.

A clean cage, as well as clean and regularly cleaned eating and drinking utensils will make the atmosphere more comfortable and healthy.

How to maintain a good pet cat, of course, needs to be accompanied by full responsibility.

The most important thing is never to distinguish between cat breeds, such as purebred cats and domestic cats, or dog breeds, such as purebred or mixed-breed dogs.

Although there is indeed extra attention to certain races, especially in terms of hair length, basically all have the same rights.

4. Pay Attention to The Nutritional Intake

Feeding cat dog pet nutrition needs to be considered because it will affect the health condition and length of life of cats and dogs.

Feed that is sold freely (commercially) does have a complete nutritional content and is quite good. But we can also add other food ingredients and supplements.

Even making your own food, of course with the right calculation, so that malnutrition does not occur (improper nutrition: it can be excessive, even less).

Clean water also needs to be available so that cats and dogs do not become dehydrated.

Nutrition is very influential on the health condition and development of your dog or cat.

Good nutrition and proper calculation can prevent dogs and cats from health problems and extend their life-span.

5. Beware of the Dangers That Threaten

Various harmful things may be found in our environment such as poisonous plants, objects that may be eaten, and electrical objects.

These objects certainly should not escape our attention, because they can pose a danger that may be fatal for our cat dog pet.