4 Dangerous Foods for Dogs and Cats

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Dangerous Foods for Dogs and Cats ? What are those? How dangerous is it if it is already given? Let’s see a review of Dangerous Food for Dogs and Cats below.

As we all know that not all foods for cats and dogs are all good. Some are corrective and some are destructive.

Therefore you have to be selective when giving food to your beloved cat and dog.

Many of us do not know the type of Dangerous foods for dogs and cats, so we give it in large quantities.

Though it is very dangerous for your cat and dog.

When you consume something, be it a snack, fruit, or vegetable, you definitely want to share it with your pet.

Your favorite pets such as Dogs and Cats will act sweet when you consume something in the hope that they will get their “ration”.

But you need to know some foods that should not be consumed by your Dogs and Cats because they will be fatal.

Because, providing appropriate food for our pets is also part of the importance of animal welfare.

Here is a list of dangerous foods for Dogs and Cats.

Dangerous Foods for Dogs and Cats

Below are 4 types of food that if consumed by your beloved dog or cat will be fatal.

Based on various reliable sources, here are Dangerous foods for dogs and cats that you should avoid.

1. Grapes, Currants and Raisins

Grapes, raisins, and currants (32 g/kg body weight) can cause poisoning and can be fatal.

Dogs can experience impaired kidney function when consuming wine continuously.

Clinical signs of visible poisoning may occur 6–24 hours after ingestion.

Vomiting is a clinical symptom that will be seen accompanied by diarrhea.

The condition of urinary disorders will be seen after 2–3 days after consumption, the dog will have difficulty urinating.

Handling that can be done is to bring immediately to the vet, especially if prolonged vomiting because it can cause dehydration.

2. Chocolate

Delicious and mouthwatering snacks are mostly made with chocolate.

Chocolate contains methylxanthine which is dangerous in doses that are not too large.

Consumption of cokat as much as 250 mg/kg body weight in dogs, 200 mg/kg body weight in cats will cause poisoning in your dog.

Chocolate is meant both pure chocolate and processed chocolate mixed in snacks. If your dog weighs 10 kg then 2.5 grams of cocoa powder or chocolate block will cause poisoning.

Clinical symptoms that arise due to poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, difficulty breathing, and even sudden cardiac arrest.

Clinical symptoms will appear 6 -12 hours after consumption.

If clinical symptoms appear then you need to take your animal to the vet for further treatment.

3. Onion and garlic

Almost all foods contain this spice so you need to be careful when eating food near your dog or cat.

Shallots and garlic will be dangerous for your dog and cat because they contain toxins that can damage red blood cells, causing hemolysis anemia and the formation of Heinz bodies in red blood cells so that the shape of erythrocytes is abnormal.

This condition will cause the function of red blood cells to carry oxygen is reduced, causing anemia.

Poisoning will occur if consuming 30 g / kg body weight in dogs, and 5 g / kg body weight in cats.

Clinical symptoms that look like general symptoms of poisoning are accompanied by pallor of the mucosa due to anemia.

4. Avocado

Almost all parts of the avocado including the leaves, fruit, and tree are potentially toxic to dogs, cats and other animals.

The poison contained in avocados is persin which actually functions as a fungicide.

Avocados in general will cause an increase in fluid in the lungs and chest cavity so that it can cause difficulty breathing which results in death due to lack of oxygen.

This fluid buildup will also occur in the heart and abdominal cavity. The clinical symptoms of avocado poisoning are vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing.

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Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Foods for Dogs and Cats

The following are some simple tips to avoid Dangerous foods for dogs and cats in your daily life at home.

  • Keep food that is harmful to cats and dogs out of reach of cats and dogs
  • If we want to eat these foods, please don’t be seen by dogs and cats
  • Dispose of the fruit skin or packaging in a tightly closed place
  • Try to keep your dogs and cats well fed so they don’t seek out these harmful foods.

As owners, we need to be vigilant and give the best for our pets. Give a good snack for them with a composition that is not harmful. Avoid giving Dangerous foods for dogs and cats to keep them healthy and adorable.



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